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Auto Repair Information – Escondido CA

Auto Repair Information – Escondido CA


Cars have become very common nowadays. There seldom would be a household without an automobile of some sort. Having a car is easy. Maintaining it is very difficult. Before going into the nuances of auto repair, you should have a clear idea about the function of the car systems. The car transmission system is the most important one. This system allows the car to move. The car alignment system is also equally important. Properly aligned wheels can increase the life of the automobile and prevent avoidable accidents too.

Car Transmission Systems:

There are two types of car transmission systems.

  • Manual transmission systems
  • Automatic transmission systems

Let us now study both the systems in brief before going on to the maintenance and repair part.

Manual Transmission Systems:

In very simple terms, the transmission system is the gearbox of the car. This has gears and the gear trains for provision of speed and torque conversion from a rotating power source to another device.
Transmission is required for vehicles to operate. The manual transmission system in a normal car consists of the clutch pedal and the gears. There may be four to eight gears depending on the nature of the vehicle. This includes the reverse gear too.

In cars, the transmission the transmission connects to the engine crankshaft through a flywheel or a clutch. You have to engage the clutch before shifting gears. Engaging the clutch saves the gear wheels from damage. The operation is also that much smoother.  Manual transmission vehicles are there in most places in the world. They are lighter, cheaper, and give better performance.

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Automatic Transmission Systems:

The automatic transmission systems are available in most of the high-end cars today. People get the impression that these cars do not have gears. That assumption is wrong, as cars cannot move without gears. The only difference is that the gears are automatic instead of being manual.  In the automatic transmission mode, the vehicle changes gears depending upon the speed and load of the vehicle. All cars in North America and Australia come with automatic transmission systems.

Car Transmission Repair:

Car is a machine. It can break down any time. You should contact an auto garage once you experience a car breakdown. The auto garages offer the following auto repair services.

Automatic Transmission Issues:

Usually most of the cars in the United States run on automatic transmission systems. There are certain warning signals you must take note. They are as follows.

Normal Operation Ceases:

This can happen on a cold morning when you start your car after a long time. You may also experience ceasing of the normal operations when you press the pedal but do not experience any increase in speed of the vehicle.

Strange Sounds:

You may experience some sort of a strange vibration while driving at normal speeds. This calls for immediate attention. You may also experience some strange sounds that you normally do not hear.

Warning Lights:

The modern cars have the warning system showing that the vehicle is in “Overdrive.” You should take this as a strong warning and head to the nearest auto repair shop to rectify the issue.

Strange Smell:

You may experience a strange burning smell. This may be due to overheating of the transmission fluid.

Leaks And Puddles Beneath Your Car:

Transmission fluid is an important part of your system. In case you notice significant leakage and puddles beneath your car, it is time for repair.

Manual Transmission:

You may find some difficulty in engaging a specific gear. Your clutch pedal could have come loose. Such problems can occur in manual transmission systems. These are in addition to the problems mentioned above.

Preventive Maintenance:

You should take the car to a garage to rectify the failures. However, you can also take preventive measures to stop these failures from occurring. You should go through the vehicle manual in detail and be aware of the drills required for proper maintenance of the vehicle. You can try the inspection and adjustment of the clutch in case of manual transmission vehicles.
You should change your transmission fluids at least twice a year.


You should consult a qualified mechanic in case of transmission failures. Some fixes can burn your pocket largely. Usually you observe lack of transmission fluid is the main cause of many transmission problems. You should lubricate the transmission systems properly. Improper or inadequate lubrication can result in worn out seals and gaskets. In manual systems, you might find a worn out clutch pad due to incorrect driving procedures or through overuse. Replacing the same is the best solution.  Also you should stick with companies that are members of the Automotive Service Association.  Companies that take the time to join associations statistically care more about their work and do a better job.

Car Alignment:

We have had a basic idea about the transmission system. You should know about the car alignment systems too.  Wheel alignment is an important part of car maintenance. It takes care of the wear and tear of the tires. Every new car comes with a perfect alignment. An alignment exercise is necessary once you travel at least five thousand kilometers.

Points to consider for car alignment issues:

Bad roads can affect the alignment of the car wheels greatly.  The automatic cars of today have adequate warning systems alerting you to problems with wheel alignment and so on.

  • You can also tell when you feel that your car drags to a particular side on its own.
  • You find that your tires wear out frequently.
  • You find difficulty in steering the vehicle.
  • Your tires squeal every time you brake or start your car.

Preventive Measures:

You should remove all the junk from your car storage system. Travel light as far as possible.
You should check the tire pressure frequently. Drive at an optimum speed and maintain it always.
However, you should seek expert advice on wheel alignment problems. You should engage the services of an auto mechanic to get rid of wheel alignment issues. You should undertake the wheel alignment exercise every 5000 kilometers or so.

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